Cuttings Update!

Progress on my cuttings! Most didn’t grow which was not a surprise. I believe I left too many leaves on some of the cuttings. On some I completely removed all the leaves to experiment which ones would do better. I think they both equally didn’t do well on tree cuttings. However, these cuttings were successful! I have about 4-5 plants that have developed roots! The problem is I have no idea what this plant is. I actually don’t really know which place I pulled it from at this point but I will figure it out when I move them. I’m going to leave them in the pot for a few at least another week before I move them to a bigger pot.

Things I need for my yard and garden - May 2020

A few samplings of what I want for my garden and yard for 2020! This site is amazing! They have everything one could ever dream of for your yard. I haven't even viewed the entire site but these are the pieces that caught my attention immediately.

Snapping Swamp Gator Statue
Price: $175
Where to buy:  Design Toscano

Bigfoot the Garden Yeti Statue
Price: $115 (medium)
Where to buy: Design Toscano

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture
Where to buy: Design Toscano
Price: $79.95

Papilio Ulysses Butterfly on Rock Statue
Where to buy: Design Toscano
Price: $33.95

Price: $95.95
Where to buy: