Unearthing surprises

I was sincerely shocked that I found this larger than a typical sized specimen in my driveway. It was burrowed deep and only a portion was visible but I was pushing my son in his car when I noticed it. I don’t know how it got there! I’ve lived here for just about 10 years and have skipped right over it. I don’t know how any of these got there in the sense that I actually went to a river bed and found nothing there yet I’m finding these at my house. I did post my previous finds to my amateur geology/rock collecting group and they were quite happy for me to have found these out and about in my yard. Some people said they have found similar things on their property but I don’t know just how typical it is for Texas! 

It does make me wonder a few things such as, did the people putting gravel in our driveway bring them from another place before we moved in? Or are they just there? Since I have found others while digging, I can’t really say for sure. 

Our yard haul!

A few of the fossils and imprints we discovered in our yard. We find something new each day! When I went down to a river bed I found nothing but impressions in clay so I was surprised to find these while digging or just in my driveway. It’s Robert’s new favorite thing to do and he asks to go outside everyday and use his “shobel.” 

I finally bought him some new water shoes since we water the grass together. 

They’re so cute! I read decent reviews about them and I’m liking them so far! We get muddy or wet just about everyday lately so they’re great to throw on and toss off and spray clean. 

Robby’s haul!

I bought a whole bunch of rocks and minerals and didn’t have a spot for them so I threw them in my garden area with other rocks. They got all mixed up with the soil. Robert and I have been out looking for rocks and fossils daily so I’m thinking he either found it there or that it fell out of an Easter egg I put it in for him and he discovered it.

The closest thing I can see that it looks like is sodalite. I even asked on an amateur rock group and they agreed. Someone mentioned lazurite but I have learned that is somewhat rare so I’m going to say it’s safe to assume it is sodalite. I’m so proud of him and excited that he already loves searching for rocks.

From yesterday:

Here’s Robert’s haul from today (below)

Mums in May!

I don’t have the heart to throw out annuals if they still look green. These seemed to be doing well in my pot since last Fall! I decided to move them because I wanted to plant some ground cover in the pot instead. I moved the mums to my trail area I’m working on near the side of my house and they’re actually blooming! Who knew mums could survive all year. 😊 I think I just got lucky and picked a good spot for them.

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess sculpture / Atlanta Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite memories from visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens was seeing this sculpture in person. I believe it turned dark before I was able to see it in the daytime but I still love to look back at these photos and wish I was there again to explore more. I hope I can see it in person again with my son one day!

Link to collection: https://atlantabg.org/art-collection/earth-goddess/

My perennials return!

Recently spotted in my garden area! A perennial which I purchased and planted last year. I believe I bought two pots and currently have three total sprouting somehow! I actually forgot I planted these and was so surprised when my husband (Char) pointed them out the other day. These are a variety of Hostas, but I'm not actually sure which kind.

Fam walk

Took Robby for a stroll on his wagon today up and down our road. Got a fun shot of the bubbles we were blowing along the way!

In bloom Spring 2020

Vinca Minor also known as periwinkle.
Photos taken 3-21 and 3-25. I love this ground cover! My dad gave me some from his yard and I planted them in a bare spot under a tree. They've been here for probably 8-9 years. They take over. It's best to trim them when they get too long otherwise they start overcrowding. They normally don't bloom this many flowers, but this particular bunch I planted in a different area near my house and it seemed to do really well! I ended up moving more in that same area hoping it spreads.