Winter/Spring update

Some of my smaller boxwood bushes didn’t survive the Winter freeze. I cut them down in hopes to try to salvage something from them and I see some new sprouts. I have three more bushes with heavy damage and at least one of those is my favorite bush! I’m pretty bummed. I’ve watched it grow well over 10 years and now I’m not sure it will survive.

My perennials that looked shabby last year came back after I moved them to a new location. They seemed to flourish now and have never looked this full! I do not recall what they are because I’ve had them for several years and each year they normally look very sad. I think I picked the right spot finally. They’ve been in this particular spot a year.
And after a long year, I finally went to Steve’s nursery near my house with my neighbor. Due to COVID I hadn’t been there but I was so glad to finally go back! I picked up new ferns and a few annuals and arranged them in my planters.
These are called maidenhair ferns and have interesting and unique look to them!

I love my planters! I hope they survive through summer. 

Yard decor

I need this! Why is it so cute? It’s the lips! They’re all puckered up. I have to control my spending because I still want to buy the crocodile garden statue and it has a hefty price tag on it. I’m definitely going to wait on this one but I wanted to share it here in the event I look back on it one day and decide to buy it.

Found here: LINK

In bloom

About three years ago I planted some purple iris bulbs my sister had given me from her yard. They started blooming for the first time last year a brilliant violet hue. They've already bloomed and wilted this year. However, a couple days ago I noticed one extremely tall plant with buds that had yet to bloom. To my surprise, the irises that appeared were yellow! I only planted violet... what a nice surprise! I was so happy I ran to grab my real camera as opposed to using my phone camera! Hurray!

Ready for Adventure!

Yesterday we practiced traversing rough terrain in preparation for future explorations. We don’t know where we’ll go or even when but we will go! Things are looking up this year. I have a few places in mind that are all outdoor and look pretty fun! I hope we can make it out to at least a couple of them depending on how safely we can plan it out. 

Latest find!

My freshly turned 3-year-old son is in love with digging for fossils. We started digging in the gravel in our drive-way as soon as he could walk. I wouldn’t think that he would recall digging for fossils but I guess we did it often enough that he remembers. He loves it!

We found this amazing fossil because after our walk today he wanted to dig. So we did. We’re very lucky to have driveway gravel with interesting little fossils but this is the 2nd larger fossil we found together.

Since we’re still in quarantine we haven’t been able to actually go to any fossil sites or the beach to look for seashells. Our driveway is keeping us sane! We can still search for fossils and stay home. It’s a win-win! 

Christmas 🎄

I originally thought I wouldn’t decorate for Christmas but I changed my mind. After discovering all of my lighted Christmas yard stakes were broken I searched the net and found these cute LED trees at Lowe’s! I love them! More pics soon!

Fall - In bloom

Our Crepe Myrtle tree we planted about 2 years ago is doing better. It had a rough start initially and we didn’t think it would make but it’s hanging in there.

This is actually the best and most it’s ever bloomed! I definitely want the branches on the bottom to grow up and fill out the tree a bit bit that will take time. I just love the crimson red color! It stops me in my tracks every time and I love to gaze at it and get lost in thought. I can only imagine it fully grown.

I actually want to plant a Maple or Pine tree at some point. I just don’t know when that’ll happen but it’s on my to-do list for sure!

Morning Glories

Flashback to when I grew Morning Glory flowers with ease! They were flourishing year after year when I planted them no matter what. This year however, completely different story. They did at least bloom this year but the leaves are mostly dead. I'm so happy I found these old pics! Just lovely!