In bloom

About three years ago I planted some purple iris bulbs my sister had given me from her yard. They started blooming for the first time last year a brilliant violet hue. They've already bloomed and wilted this year. However, a couple days ago I noticed one extremely tall plant with buds that had yet to bloom. To my surprise, the irises that appeared were yellow! I only planted violet... what a nice surprise! I was so happy I ran to grab my real camera as opposed to using my phone camera! Hurray!

Fall - In bloom

Our Crepe Myrtle tree we planted about 2 years ago is doing better. It had a rough start initially and we didn’t think it would make but it’s hanging in there.

This is actually the best and most it’s ever bloomed! I definitely want the branches on the bottom to grow up and fill out the tree a bit bit that will take time. I just love the crimson red color! It stops me in my tracks every time and I love to gaze at it and get lost in thought. I can only imagine it fully grown.

I actually want to plant a Maple or Pine tree at some point. I just don’t know when that’ll happen but it’s on my to-do list for sure!

Morning Glories

Flashback to when I grew Morning Glory flowers with ease! They were flourishing year after year when I planted them no matter what. This year however, completely different story. They did at least bloom this year but the leaves are mostly dead. I'm so happy I found these old pics! Just lovely!