Throwback Photos - Paper Flowers

These photos from my Aunt’s birthday party last year popped up on Facebook while searching through old photos. We had a Mexican theme and I made these paper and tissue paper bouquet centerpieces. I love how bright they are! They add a wonderful pop of color to each table. I actually have some more paper creations in the works and some planned as well that are all plant-inspired. I’ll share some progress on those later!

Photos April 2019

New growth!

I saved and planted lemon and orange seeds in this same pot. Don’t ask me why I put them both in the same pot. I was half expecting them not to ever grow I suppose. Well, something has sprouted! I can’t tell what it is yet, though.

In other news while waiting for my seeds to come in which they never did by the way, my neighbor brought some of her extra seeds over for me to use! I could not find any corn kernel seeds to plant and I searched everywhere online. The shipping wait time was outrageous and it would be too late by the time they arrived.

So with her seeds in hand I also planted 4 rows of corn and even a row of sunflower seeds. Planted those 2-3 days ago and no signs of growth yet. Update soon!

Cuttings Update!

Progress on my cuttings! Most didn’t grow which was not a surprise. I believe I left too many leaves on some of the cuttings. On some I completely removed all the leaves to experiment which ones would do better. I think they both equally didn’t do well on tree cuttings. However, these cuttings were successful! I have about 4-5 plants that have developed roots! The problem is I have no idea what this plant is. I actually don’t really know which place I pulled it from at this point but I will figure it out when I move them. I’m going to leave them in the pot for a few at least another week before I move them to a bigger pot.

Looking back

Baby's first zoo trip!
Photo taken April 2019, Tyler, Texas

I actually took quite a few pics I love looking back on but I'll post more as time passes. 

Views from my front yard

There is nothing wrong with your eyes. Do not attempt to adjust your glasses. I discovered what appeared to be a wolf spider near me as Robert and I were watering my plants. I actually bent down near this tree in my yard, looked up and saw this irl. I almost can’t even see it in the picture myself. Eek!

Unknown seeds now sprouting!

UPDATE: The seeds have been identified as Marigolds!

On a recent trip to the store I was a little desperate for some seeds but due to social distancing only my husband got off at the store. He was to get things we needed such as milk and other essentials. Since it was Dollar General I also told him to toss in any garden stuff from the list I gave him which included seeds and pots among other things. He brought back a box of seeds, 2 pots, and some butterflies stakes. Not bad! I was desperate for something!

I planted the seeds this week in rush while out in the yard working and I honestly have no idea what they are. Now I have unknown seeds growing in the pots. I’d like to know what they are but I remember they’re supposed to be red/yellow/orange. I’ll just have to wait and see!  

My cuttings!

Between social distancing and quarantining I have not had an opportunity to buy any plants. It makes me sad but the less people at the stores right now the better. I don’t take this situation with COVID lightly. 

I decided to try my hand at propagating plants for the second time in my life. The first time I had cuttings and used a rooting compound on them and out of about 20 or so cuttings I actually had two grow roots! One of those was a tree. However, the tree did not survive where I decided to plant it. 🌱 That was about 3 years ago.

This is this years batch! I hope they grow! I’ll update periodically as I check for any root growth.  

Things I need for my yard and garden - May 2020

A few samplings of what I want for my garden and yard for 2020! This site is amazing! They have everything one could ever dream of for your yard. I haven't even viewed the entire site but these are the pieces that caught my attention immediately.

Snapping Swamp Gator Statue
Price: $175
Where to buy:  Design Toscano

Bigfoot the Garden Yeti Statue
Price: $115 (medium)
Where to buy: Design Toscano

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture
Where to buy: Design Toscano
Price: $79.95

Papilio Ulysses Butterfly on Rock Statue
Where to buy: Design Toscano
Price: $33.95

Price: $95.95
Where to buy:

Unearthing surprises

I was sincerely shocked that I found this larger than a typical sized specimen in my driveway. It was burrowed deep and only a portion was visible but I was pushing my son in his car when I noticed it. I don’t know how it got there! I’ve lived here for just about 10 years and have skipped right over it. I don’t know how any of these got there in the sense that I actually went to a river bed and found nothing there yet I’m finding these at my house. I did post my previous finds to my amateur geology/rock collecting group and they were quite happy for me to have found these out and about in my yard. Some people said they have found similar things on their property but I don’t know just how typical it is for Texas! 

It does make me wonder a few things such as, did the people putting gravel in our driveway bring them from another place before we moved in? Or are they just there? Since I have found others while digging, I can’t really say for sure. 

Our yard haul!

A few of the fossils and imprints we discovered in our yard. We find something new each day! When I went down to a river bed I found nothing but impressions in clay so I was surprised to find these while digging or just in my driveway. It’s Robert’s new favorite thing to do and he asks to go outside everyday and use his “shobel.” 

I finally bought him some new water shoes since we water the grass together. 

They’re so cute! I read decent reviews about them and I’m liking them so far! We get muddy or wet just about everyday lately so they’re great to throw on and toss off and spray clean.